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Health and well-being for everyone in our community.


Our team of professionals works in partnership with individuals, families and the community to promote health and well-being in East End Toronto, reaching out to those who may have difficulty accessing health services.



We believe every individual has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. We appreciate diversity and treat ourselves and those we serve in ways that are fair, courteous and compassionate, recognizing everyone’s contributions.

Equity of Access to Health Care

We advocate for equitable access to health services for all people, and are responsive to the needs of those who have difficulty accessing care due to factors such as language, culture, gender, poverty or the lack of health insurance.

Quality Service

We strive for excellence in our work, continuously improving our policies, practices and services. We are responsive to our clients and community, and use their feedback to improve our programs and services.

Integrity and Accountability

We are ethical, professional and trustworthy in our work.  We embrace open, community-centred governance. We honour our funding commitments, and make the most effective use of our resources.

A Healthy Workplace

We work together to sustain an environment that is positive, healthy, respectful, caring and free from harassment and discrimination.


Holistic – Helping the Whole Person

Being healthy means more than just “not being ill.” Good health means:

  • feeling well in mind, body and spirit,
  • being able to reach your goals,
  • feeling part of a healthy community, and
  • being able to make decisions and take control of your life.
Inclusive of Social Determinants of Health

We help people increase control over factors that impact their health, such as social inclusion; social justice and equity; and access to shelter, education, income and employment security, food, and a healthy eco-system. We advocate for positive social change.

Comprehensive and Preventative

We take the time to look beyond each client’s immediate health concerns. Our proactive approach includes health education, illness prevention strategies, and screening for early detection of disease.


We honour our client’s rights to make individual choices to manage their health. We are sensitive to and respectful of an individual’s needs and preferences. We partner with our clients to make informed decisions and take action towards healthy living.


We achieve the best outcomes for clients, especially those with complex needs, when health providers from a variety of disciplines work together as a team.


We coordinate our efforts with other health service providers and community agencies to have a greater impact on health in our community. We build strong partnerships that help us achieve our common goals.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with our clients and community to advocate on a broad range of issues.

Strategic Priorities 2017-2024

Promote the culture of continuous quality improvement

Improve health equity in our community

Enhance access to comprehensive care to nurture well-being and treat illness