Strategic Priorities: 2011-2016

Enhance the organizational culture of continuous quality improvement

At East End Community Health Centre, we pride ourselves on our provision of quality services. We continually strive for quality improvements. The Centre will continue to foster an organizational culture of continuous quality improvement that will manifest itself in everything that we do. We will put into place a comprehensive quality improvement program built on a framework that is reflective of our vision, mission and values.

Improve health equity in our community

East End Community Health Centre is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of individuals who face barriers to accessing health care. These may be people without health cards, seniors who are isolated at home, single parents with young children, people with low income or who face cultural or language barriers, or individuals with mental health and addictions or other complex health issues.

Reduce incidence and impact of chronic illnesses, including mental illness

Our Centre is committed to evidence-based practices, education, and client support to help community members better prevent and address chronic health conditions. In our work, and through collaboration with community partners, we will develop and implement programs and services to reduce the incidence and impact of chronic illnesses, including mental illness.